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Since 2013, I’ve been writing online articles for the popular music technology education site AskAudio, an article and  video tutorial site offering courses in popular DAW’s like Logic, ProTools, Ableton and Reason as well as a wealth of courses on music making from creative inception to composition techniques to mixing and mastering and more. In the nearly 40 + articles I’ve contributed so far, I’ve covered music theory concepts, reviewed music software and hardware and contributed a unique series of articles based on sound healing called, ‘How Sound Affects You.’  AskAudio is an outstanding resource for audio and music production. Navigating this world can be overwhelming for people getting into music production for the first time. I like how Ask Audio videos break down concepts into small, easily ingestible segments that people can learn at their own pace. I’ve been enjoying the process of writing short articles especially about the practices of sound healing to a community of audio and music folks who otherwise may not know about this important field of vibrational medicine.  Below are some direct links some of the 80 articles so far.

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‘How Sound Affects You’ Series

Sound Baths

Cymatics – An Emerging Science

Can Sound Heal?

Using Drones in Your Music

Making Binaural Beats

Tibetan Bowls

5 Ways to Sing for Health

Interview with Jonathan Goldman about his Chakra Tuner App for iOS

Tuning Forks as Sound Healing Tool

Fibonacci Tuning Forks

Protecting Your Hearing

Drumming for Health Part 1

Drumming for Health Part 2

Musicians as Healers


Sonic Weapons

Music Theory and Audio Production Tutorials

Interview: Composer Tom Salta

The Art of Making Handpans

Quick Workflow Tips for Pro Tools

What is a Secondary Dominant Chord?

Album Recording Notes: Recording and Mixing Tibetan Bowl Meditations

5 Reasons to use Native Instruments Giant on Your Next Production

The Blues, An Introduction Part 1

The Blues, An Introductions Part 2

Two-Handed Piano Chord Variations

Adding Harmonic Color to Triads

Arranging Two-Part Chord Progressions

Ornaments and Embellishments

Audio Software and Hardware Reviews

PolyRhythm App for iOS

Sonokinetic Capriccio

Bohemian by Sample Logic

Crypto Cipher – Solo Tabla

NoteTracks for iOS

NI Komplete 10 Definitive Piano Collection

Sample Logic – Cinematic Keys

Sugar Bytes Egoist

Sundog Scale Studio

Imitone – Mind to Melody

5 Essential Apps for the Modern Music Classrom

Izotope Nectar Elements

iOS Music Theory Apps: Ear Training with InTune and Quiztones

Get Connected with Korg iPolysix for iPad

Geosonics by Soniccouture

PreSonus Notion 4 Scoring Software

Ambiscience 300 for iOS

Spitfire Audio – Felt Piano

Embertone Friedlander Violin

M-Audio M-Track Plus Audio and MIDI interface

Sonnox Codec Toolbox

Ear Training Apps Review: GoodEar and EarBeater for iPad

ScaleCoach for iPhone

The casSYNTHrette: Lofi Cassette Tape Based Synthesizer


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Lynda’s extensive performance experience over the past two decades includes performing with a variety of DJs as an instrumentalist and vocalist, performing her electronic music live solo and with a band, providing flute, vocals and technology support for various bands and soloists, collaborating on a cutting edge piano duo called Hammer Inventions and forging a new path into the world of sound healing music by providing live music meditations with a variety of acoustic instruments. Check out Events for upcoming performances and workshops.


With multiple albums, singles and compilation appearances to her credit, Lynda is a modern renaissance woman in the recording studio. Fiercely DIY, she brings together her inspiration, talent and community of musicians to collaborate on cutting edge music that ranges from driving electronica to trip-hop songwriting to meditative ambient music and more. She has played on two Microsoft video games soundtracks and now is venturing further into scoring for visual media. In addition, future album releases are in development. Find out more on the Music Production page.


Lynda has taught at audio and music production schools, community music centers and privately in her studio for over 18 years. She is passionate about coaching the next generation of musicians and forging a connection between strong music fundamentals and new technology. Found out more about her teaching philosophies and offerings on the Education page and Also check out her articles on music theory, sound healing and reviews of music software and hardware on
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