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For over 18 years, I have been involved in music education and audio production training. I’ve primarily worked with private piano, flute and music production students through my teaching company, ‘Learning with Lynda’ in music schools throughout the Bay Area and now in Long Beach, CA. I’ve also taught music production, midi, Reason software and piano skills at Ex’pression College for the Digital Arts (Soon to be part of the SAE Institute) in Emeryville and the Pyramind Audio Training program in San Francisco. While at Pyramind, I developed a Piano Skills course, taught a music production course and contributed to Pyramind’s ‘Music Theory, Songwriting and the Piano’ textbook published by Alfred. I also appear on the DVD the accompanies the book offering basic piano technique tutorials. In the last few years, I’ve taken on private music production students. We work on developing strong compositions starting at the piano, how to start recording them into their DAW (digital audio workstation) and how to refine their existing songs from sequencing to mixing.


MacProVideo/Ask Audio Mag Articles

Since 2013, I’ve been writing online articles for the popular music technology education site AskAudioMag.com. Ask Audio Mag is the spin off of MacProVideo.com, a video tutorial site offering courses in popular DAW’s like Logic, ProTools, Ableton and Reason as well as a wealth of courses on music making from creative inception to composition techniques to mixing and mastering and more. In the nearly 40 articles I’ve contributed so far, I’ve covered music theory concepts, reviewed music software and hardware and contributed a unique series of articles based on sound healing called, ‘How Sound Affects You.’ Both sites are an outstanding resource for audio and music production. Navigating this world can be overwhelming for people getting into music production for the first time. I like how MacProVideo.com and AskAudioMag.com break down concepts into small, easily ingestible segments that people can learn at their own pace. I’ve been enjoying the process of writing short articles especially about the practices of sound healing to a community of audio and music folks who otherwise may not know about this important field of vibrational medicine.

Learning with Lynda

I created Learning with Lynda years ago to establish my private, online and group music lesson practice. Over the past 18 years, I have taught hundreds of students. Many of my piano and flute students have stayed with me 5 years or more and developed into accomplished musicians. Some even went on to become college music majors. Over the years, I have worked to refine my methods to not only include solid music reading, theory and technical skills on both instruments, but also to incorporate improvisation and songwriting. I’ve seen many students struggle for years with music reading and the classic repertoire. But, when jazz or improvisation was introduced or even favorite pop songs, I witnessed many of them take off and own their music development in an entirely new way. Since my upbringing was purely classical and I didn’t start to improvise until after college, it took me a while to feel comfortable with music improvisation. At first I would freeze up. How could I play without reading the notes? I’ve not only become a great improviser myself, but also evolved my teaching method to make playing by ear an essential part of my student’s musical development. It’s through this ‘free play’ that we often find what we need from music and how it speaks to us. Everyone who decides to take on the practice and play of music is working to find their own balance between the technical knowhow and the spontaneous, creative expression that music embodies. I try my best to help guide children and adults towards becoming a well-rounded musician whether they express interest in learning to read music only or becoming a songwriter.

The use of technology is also an important part of the music learning process. I use many iPad apps that offer music theory and ear training drills. Also, for those interested, music sequencing Apps like Garageband are explored. iOS Music App development has been a huge asset to the music education community at large and I’m happy to get more kids involved in music technology with these easy to use tools.

More detailed music lesson information can be found on the LearningwithLynda.com Website. I offer private lessons in the Long Beach and greater Los Angeles area. I am available for online lessons via Facetime or Skype as well.


Music Together

Music TogetherMusic Together is wonderful, internationally recognized early childhood music program. I was inspired to become certified as a teacher after having my daughter Isabelle and wanting to learn simple, playful songs to entertain her as well as teach classes. Learning and singing the songs have helped me get back to the roots of rich melody, harmony and rhythm. The song collections are well crafted and thoughtful.  Songs and chants range in genre, style, range, tonality, color and meter. I was surprised and happy to find such richness in the realm of children’s music. I love seeing the reactions in the children and their growth throughout the process. It’s equally rewarding to observe the parents acting as a musical example to their children and sharing in the gift of community music making. This is just another area where I am fulfilling my quest for creating and sustaining healthy communities through music and sound.

I started teaching Music Together in 2013 after my training session in San Francisco with East Bay Music Together in Oakland & Berkeley and have recently joined Music Together at the Beach in Long Beach after my relocation down here this past year. This year, I am teaching classes on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons in Long Beach.

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Lynda’s extensive performance experience over the past two decades includes performing with a variety of DJs as an instrumentalist and vocalist, performing her electronic music live solo and with a band, providing flute, vocals and technology support for various bands and soloists, collaborating on a cutting edge piano duo called Hammer Inventions and forging a new path into the world of sound healing music by providing live music meditations with a variety of acoustic instruments. Check out Events for upcoming performances and workshops.


With multiple albums, singles and compilation appearances to her credit, Lynda is a modern renaissance woman in the recording studio. Fiercely DIY, she brings together her inspiration, talent and community of musicians to collaborate on cutting edge music that ranges from driving electronica to trip-hop songwriting to meditative ambient music and more. She has played on two Microsoft video games soundtracks and now is venturing further into scoring for visual media. In addition, future album releases are in development. Find out more on the Music Production page.


Lynda has taught at audio and music production schools, community music centers and privately in her studio for over 18 years. She is passionate about coaching the next generation of musicians and forging a connection between strong music fundamentals and new technology. Found out more about her teaching philosophies and offerings on the Education page and LearningwithLynda.com. Also check out her articles on music theory, sound healing and reviews of music software and hardware on AskAudioMag.com.
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