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Divasonic Music and Sacred Frequencies Sound Healing Studio!

My private studio dedicated to music making, recording, discovery and the sound healing arts is now open for sessions, workshops and lessons!

This sacred spacet has been a long time in making. I dreamed of having an environment where I can share the deep love, inspiration and healing I have found through the many disciplines the world of music and sound offers. In addition to filling the space with my own music making, study and inspiration, I am now accepting new students and healing clients.  If you have dreamed of making music and haven’t found the right person to guide you through the process, I may be the teacher for you!  I am also offering private and semi-private sound healing sessions with reiki and singing for wellness sessions. Sign up on my mailing list for announcements about specials, events and workshops.


Introductory Session Package for New Clients!

I am offering a discounted package of 4 sessions for new clients to the studio. This is a sampler of services and experiences you can choose from to form your custom music and sound experience!

Choose From:

  1. Improvising and exploring the Piano
  2. Sound Healing & Reiki Session 
  3. Singing for Wellness or Traditional Voice Lesson
  4. Explore and learn about Sound Healing Instruments
  5. Record a Personal Affirmation with Original Music
  6. Learn about the Art of Recording
  7. Explore and learn songwriting
  8. Receive music theory training or traditional piano training

You can choose something different each week or book a whole month of one type of experience depending on your needs.

The Introductory price is $190 for all 4 sessions – a value of almost $350!


I look forward to welcoming you to the studio!

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Lynda’s extensive performance experience over the past two decades includes performing with a variety of DJs as an instrumentalist and vocalist, performing her electronic music live solo and with a band, providing flute, vocals and technology support for various bands and soloists, collaborating on a cutting edge piano duo called Hammer Inventions and forging a new path into the world of sound healing music by providing live music meditations with a variety of acoustic instruments. Check out Events for upcoming performances and workshops.


With multiple albums, singles and compilation appearances to her credit, Lynda is a modern renaissance woman in the recording studio. Fiercely DIY, she brings together her inspiration, talent and community of musicians to collaborate on cutting edge music that ranges from driving electronica to trip-hop songwriting to meditative ambient music and more. She has played on two Microsoft video games soundtracks and now is venturing further into scoring for visual media. In addition, future album releases are in development. Find out more on the Music Production page.


Lynda has taught at audio and music production schools, community music centers and privately in her studio for over 18 years. She is passionate about coaching the next generation of musicians and forging a connection between strong music fundamentals and new technology. Found out more about her teaching philosophies and offerings on the Education page and Also check out her articles on music theory, sound healing and reviews of music software and hardware on
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