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Music Production & Performance Services

  •  Music Production—Remixing, Songwriting, Composing, Programming
  •  Instrumental Recording for Music Projects and Visual Media: Flute, Alto Flute, Vocals, Piano, Singing Bowls and more
  •  Demo Recording for vocalists and solo instrumentalists
  • Project Studio and Digital Audio Tech Consulting
  • Live Music for Special Events including Ceremonial Music Services
  • Music marketing—Connecting in the Digital World through Social Networks
  • Music and Audio Production Coaching


JV Studio Flute

Music and Audio Production Coaching

I understand the immense amount of knowledge and experience required to be a good musician as well as set up and run a digital recording studio to capture, record, mix and master your own music. The most important aspects to getting in the game of music are connecting with the community of professionals around you and educating yourself about all aspects the music creation process so you can advocate for yourself confidently.

My production and performance rates are based on the type of service needed and vary per project. Music lessons (ie. piano and theory) are ongoing and paid monthly while album projects or single songs are priced based on contact hours in the studio with clients. I am also available for composing for film/tv/video game projects and rates vary depending on budget and scope of project. I am always willing to work with you to make your music project a success and create as smooth a workflow as possible.

Please contact Lynda Arnold for details on rates for all services described above. I am available in the Long Beach and Greater Los Angeles Area and also online via Skype or Facetime.

**If I am unable to fulfill your request for any reason, I will be able to connect you with one of many professionals who can assist you with your project. Over the past two decades, I’ve connected with a wealth of talented and dedicated producers, instrumentalists and educators who are experts in every phase of music production and performance. My network of talent can consult with you about event production, sound reinforcement, album releases and marketing, image development as well as every phase of the music making process from cultivating musical inspiration to creating a finished master recording.

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Lynda’s extensive performance experience over the past two decades includes performing with a variety of DJs as an instrumentalist and vocalist, performing her electronic music live solo and with a band, providing flute, vocals and technology support for various bands and soloists, collaborating on a cutting edge piano duo called Hammer Inventions and forging a new path into the world of sound healing music by providing live music meditations with a variety of acoustic instruments. Check out Events for upcoming performances and workshops.


With multiple albums, singles and compilation appearances to her credit, Lynda is a modern renaissance woman in the recording studio. Fiercely DIY, she brings together her inspiration, talent and community of musicians to collaborate on cutting edge music that ranges from driving electronica to trip-hop songwriting to meditative ambient music and more. She has played on two Microsoft video games soundtracks and now is venturing further into scoring for visual media. In addition, future album releases are in development. Find out more on the Music Production page.


Lynda has taught at audio and music production schools, community music centers and privately in her studio for over 18 years. She is passionate about coaching the next generation of musicians and forging a connection between strong music fundamentals and new technology. Found out more about her teaching philosophies and offerings on the Education page and Also check out her articles on music theory, sound healing and reviews of music software and hardware on
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