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A new, expanded website is in the works – stay tuned for the next evolution of Divasonic!DivasonicLogoBlueonWhite

Lynda will be on the music faculty of the Vox Mundi Project Music & Sound Healing Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains, July 23rd-29th 2014.



New Release: Tibetan Bowl Meditations

This is a minimal, long play ambient album broken up in three sections, which represent three performances with the Tibetan bowls. In the three performances on the album, I played the bowls in no particular order but let myself flow between them. Some parts are very spaced out between bowl hits, in some sections you will hear the angelic little bowls only and in other sections a cocaphony of bowls played close together create a wonderful swell of overtones and harmonics that seem otherwordly.

Lynda is in the studio recording and mixing her 2nd meditation/yoga album, FLY. This album, slated for release in 2014, will feature sounds from her growing healing instruments collection from around the world. Most of the recording was done in November 2013 at Ghost Cat Studios in San Francisco. Some of the sounds will you hear on this special sonic journey are Tibetan Bowls, Chimes, Shruti Box, Flute, Bansuri, Bass Chimes, Gong, Frame Drum and many more.Lynda shared her production process for ‘Tibetan Bowl Meditations’ in an article for AskAudioMag.  Read it Here

Divasonic’s Korg iPolySix track ‘Edge It Out’ is featured in Korg iApps Vol. 2 playlist.  Check it out on Soundcloud: Korg iApps Featured Tracks Vol 2.  Also check out some other tracks she produced exclusively using iKorgPolySix for iPad:  Skirts and  Funky Munch.   

New Progressive Trance Album Release by SF Based Electronic producer Frost_RAVEN features Divasonic playing flute on the track ‘Ritual’ - Check it out on YouTube
and buy it now on Beatport!

Lynda is currently writing articles for (Ask Audio Mag) on a variety of audio and sound related subjects including iOS Apps for Music Education, Reviews of Audio Software and Hardware and a special series devoted to the growing field of Sound Healing called, ‘How Sound Affects You.’  MacProVideo and their new online digital magazine, Ask Audio Mag is an online leader in audio production and software education. Link to Article Page

Check out the new composition and video by Hammer Inventions on YouTube :  ‘Visages Mechanique’ and purchase the single on Hammer Inventions bandcamp page.  The 2nd Album is in development.

The ‘Hammer Inventions‘ Album Project by Lynda Hammer Inventions Daniel Berkman and Lynda ArnoldArnold & Daniel Berkman features 18 piano compositions and layered electronic orchestrations made entirely of sounds generated from the piano. From delicate and ethereal acoustic piano moments reminiscent of George Winston or Philip Glass to layered textural moments similar to Steve Reich and Autechre, Lynda and Daniel create new pieces within the limits of piano-generated sounds.  Go to the official website now:   The album is available on CD Baby, Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes and more.

You can find up to date information about Divasonic and her various production and performance projects on her Digital Bliss Productions Blog as well as Twitter and Facebook.